Asia Newsletter | December 2021

Asia Newsletter

NEWSLETTER: With COP26 behind us, it’s time to plan in earnest for upcoming ESG regulatory changes. In Singapore, the three sets of Environmental Risk Management Guidelines for asset managers, banks and insurers are effective in June. In Hong Kong the new FMCC climate-change related risk requirements are looming for large fund managers from August and for all other managers from November. It may seem like a little way away but there is a lot to do and the time will fly.

The theme of operational resilience continues for all regulators. This time it is Singapore’s turn, with the second consultation on proposed changes to MAS guidelines on Business Continuity Management. Although this is still at consultation stage, now is the time to take note and act to stay on top of the changes.

We were heartened by the recent speech from MAS on embracing technology. While re-iterating the regulator’s enthusiasm for RegTech, there was a clear message: ‘Don’t leave out the experts’. We’ve spent recent years building relationships with software firms so we can help our clients find the right solutions – so we couldn’t agree more!

I love this time of year the most in Hong Kong, and I am very much looking forward to the festive period, and all the excitement this brings. The regulators are sure to keep us busy this month as ever, but I hope you find time to relax and recharge, and take some time out to celebrate with family and friends both near and far (remote or otherwise).

Rebecca Thorpe
Head of Asia

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