EU Benchmarks

Watch a recording of our webinar around the latest updates on the European Union Benchmarks Regulation. We discuss the recent announcements from Her Majesty’s Treasury in the UK and across the EU, as well as looking at the impact the new provisions will have following Brexit, both for EU and Non-EU administrators.

The new EU Benchmarks Regulation will see the provision of, contribution to and use of benchmarks within the EU become regulated for the first time. Put simply, this means that by the end of 2021 (exact date is yet to be announced) users in the UK and EU will no longer be able to use your index data if you’re not authorised, even if you’re not an EU benchmark provider.

The process and deadline to get regulated is far from clear – with goalposts that seem to keep changing. And to make matters even more complicated, the FCA has recently added new documentation and 10 new RTSs. So it’s important you understand how to get ready and aren’t caught out by any of the latest changes.

Watch our webinar (run time 52 minutes) to find out more on the following:

  • What does the new EU Benchmarks Regulation announcement mean?
  • Recent developments:
    • January 2019 UK Treasury announcement – confirming the EU benchmarks regulation will be copied as it stands on Brexit day
    • February 2019 EU announcement – two new “low carbon” benchmarks
  • Impact of Brexit
  • What do the new benchmark rules mean for the UK and EU countries
  • How non-EU administrators can register via the FCA
  • What are the next steps you should be taking?
  • Q&A

For more information on the topics covered in our webinar, or if you would like to find out how Bovill can help your firm, please contact our presenters Gareth Parker on and Ed O’Bree on