RegTech Showcase: Horizon scanning simplified

The pace of regulatory change shows no sign of letting up. Regulatory news flow and commentary –  across all topic areas – continues to cascade into our in-boxes and often sits there, unread. Keeping on top of it all is a full-time job, expensive and resource-heavy.

In our RegTech showcase we showed you RegEye, a horizon-scanning platform we’re so impressed with that we’ve started using it ourselves.

RegEye helps you:

  • collect and compile news flow from regions, jurisdictions and sources chosen by you
  • prioritise, share and collaborate with colleagues locally and globally around any particular item
  • ensure your firm doesn’t miss anything
  • set your planning for regulatory change in motion as soon as the news breaks.

Our new practice lead Rupi Christophers, who until recently was responsible for financial crime policy at a major bank, put the tool through its paces to show you how it can help with real scenarios.

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