Internationalising your data and benchmarks – the route to IOSCO compliance

The market data sector in China earns ¥14bn in revenue a year. This could be grown significantly by entry into new markets, so the adoption of IOSCO principles is increasingly important to show credibility.

The IOSCO Principles for Oil PRAs (2012) and the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks (2013) are well established guidelines for benchmark administrators and PRAs. The approach to implementing the principles by local regulators has been inconsistent – some jurisdictions are currently finalising or implementing benchmark regulation, while others have no formal plans.

But increasingly market practice is leading the push for higher standards, with data users and exchanges often requesting evidence of IOSCO compliance from the benchmark administrators and PRAs, particularly where futures, funds or OTC derivative contracts will be linked to a benchmark.

Bovill will focus on the reasons for increased adoption of the IOSCO principles, the key compliance challenges associated with the principles, and good practice in certification and audit. We’ll also look at some practical examples from firms who have recently gone through the process.

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05 August 2020 (iCal | GCal)


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