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Bovill briefing | Keeping cyber risk at bay | London | Event date: Wednesday 13 June 2018

Surveys of firms rate cybersecurity as one of the top issues for compliance officers, even ahead of AML! Yet we frequently see indifference to cybersecurity issues, no doubt in part because they are seen as something that happens to someone else.

A cybersecurity event CAN happen to you, but even if it doesn’t, the regulator, your customers and stakeholders will still hold you to account for improving your defences.

In our briefing, Bovill demonstrated the ongoing commitment of regulators to test this space and, more importantly, how a cyber event could happen to you. Cyber-crime occurs not only because of vulnerabilities in technology, but also because of risks inherent in people and processes.

To meet regulator and stakeholder expectations, Bovill has developed a risk reduction plan. With a documented audit trail, we can provide an independent and lateral cybersecurity risk view, even for those clients with a high level of cybersecurity maturity.

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13 June 2018 (iCal | GCal)

Bovill London

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