Innovative Consulting Services to Support Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Investments

Bovill can act as a trusted adviser – whether you are a FinTech company looking to raise funds, a money service business utilizing Blockchain technology, or an investor evaluating investments in either cryptocurrency or companies using blockchain. Our technical expertise in digital currency, money services businesses and payments, and Blockchain technology is supported by a global team and enables us to help our clients capitalize on opportunities and meet the challenges of this evolving industry.

As with any disruptive technology, cryptocurrency and Blockchain present tremendous opportunities but also raise legal, regulatory, and business challenges. Our experience in securities and commodities regulation and registration, private equity, real estate, investment funds, privacy, AML/KYC and cybersecurity make us well positioned to provide clients with a holistic approach to emerging cryptocurrency, smart contracts and distributed ledger space opportunities.

We can advise you on the risks and nuances, and help guide you through the regulatory, financial crime and cybersecurity issues, including:

  • analyzing global and country specific regulatory frameworks
  • determining whether a token is a security, or a platform is an exchange
  • establishing a link with the ‘legacy’ investment markets
  • building trading platforms such as MTFs
  • Supporting your licensing or authorisation application
  • developing regulatory policies and procedures including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC)
  • evaluating data privacy and cybersecurity issues and solutions
  • establishing cryptocurrency benchmarks
  • conducting regulatory due diligence on investments

To learn more about how Bovill’s customized compliance solutions can help you confidently participate in the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger market, email us at or call us at 1-312-600-9992.

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