Trading and broking

We help wholesale clients that undertake trading and broking activities across a variety of sectors including equities, bonds, FX, commodities and derivatives.

We provide services to a wide range of clients in the trading and broking sector that trade in a wide spectrum of both traditional and alternative asset classes. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Traders and brokers are subject to a wide range of regulation, from best execution obligations, transaction reporting requirements, to remuneration and ICAAPs.

We have lots of experience in providing perimeter guidance in relation to whether an investment type or proposed activity is subject to FCA regulation, assisting firms in obtaining FCA authorisation, and providing ongoing support. In particular, many of our clients are headquartered overseas with a regulated entity in the UK.

MiFID II has brought material regulatory change to traders and brokers and increased the regulatory burden. It is important that you meet these regulatory challenges and continue to meet the needs of your clients. We make sure that what you get from us works specifically for you – taking your commercial challenges and the particular risks you face into account. Advice, help with day-to-day tasks, projects – we are here to support you.

How can we help? Examples include:

  • MiFID II health checks
  • Application of specific rules
  • Adhering to client money and asset rules
  • Prudential requirements including CRD IV and ICAAPs
  • Financial crime issues
  • Providing an opinion on whether certain activities could be deemed an MTF or OTF.

 For more information on our market services, download our ‘Helping firms navigate the regulatory landscape for capital markets’ brochure.