Outsource CCO

Bovill provides outsourced CCO and other compliance staff to clients. If you are looking to a full outsource model, we work with you to carefully analyze and assess whether an outsourced CCO is the right fit for you. The intrinsic benefits of an outsourced CCO – including extensive experience, a culture of compliance, a full bench of support, and robust procedures and controls all supported by best-in-class technology – can all be realized if the right CCO relationship is established.

We can provide a qualified professional to serve as the named CCO of your company or fund on a temporary or permanent basis to implement or oversee your compliance program. Our CCO’s will:

  • Administer a fund’s Rule 38a-1 compliance program
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the compliance program to incorporate new or changed regulations or best practice recommendations as appropriate for your business
  • Review the adequacy of firm, fund and service provider policies and procedures, including the effectiveness of their implementation
  • Design or review risk-based testing methods for the compliance program’s policies and procedures
  • Perform and document testing of certain key control procedures; this process includes collecting and organizing relevant compliance data and reviewing reports, investigating exceptions and making inquiries to fund management and service providers
  • Conduct site visits to service providers
  • Prepare quarterly and annual CCO reports for Boards and attend Board meetings

Our compliance consultants are also available for special projects and reviews, including when you need short-term or periodic help.