We are still in uncertain times when it comes to Britain’s exit (Brexit) from the EU. But until we understand what the impact on international financial institutions will be, planning for a worst case scenario is the option many firms are taking.

Bovill can help you operate in the UK and EU in the longer term – providing advice and support on financial regulation however you are approaching Brexit.


Many firms will need to consider re-structuring and ultimately authorisation in the UK or other EU states.  We can help you work out what you need to do to thrive in a post-Brexit world. We have been working on applications for regulatory permissions for nearly 20 years and submit around 50 a year. We know the FCA and PRA, and know what they are looking for. We can also help you identify how you can operate sustainably in the EU and if necessary help you with authorisations in other EU states.

We can manage the authorisation process from start to finish, help develop your procedures and models or simply review what you have prepared before you submit.

Governance reviews

We can undertake a wider governance review in the context of Brexit to consider where there might be weaknesses or room for improvement across your governance and control framework, for instance in relation to your board and committee structure, conflicts of interest, outsourcing, or product governance.

Prudential, systems and controls

Our team will ensure that you meet and adhere to the regulatory requirements set by the FCA and PRA whether you are establishing an entity in the UK or if you need assurance that you are filing correctly. We can also review whether the systems and controls you have are fit for purpose and are in line with industry standard and regulatory expectation.


We are able to provide a wide range of training, including for Senior Manager Function obligations, conflicts of interest and regulatory awareness to all areas of your business.

If you’d like to get a second opinion or your firms Brexit planning, or help in any of these areas, get in touch.

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