Investment funds of all sizes are coming under more regulatory scrutiny than ever before. Bovill has been supporting investment funds of all shapes and sizes since our very early days. Our experience spans all types of alternative asset managers, along with depositories, administrators and other service providers.

Hedge funds

We have a team dedicated to advising hedge funds and help with license applications, responding to regulatory requirements such as regulatory reporting obligations, and ongoing compliance advice and monitoring. We have close relationships with administrators, lawyers and other service providers and can make any introductions you need.

Private equity funds

We help lots of private equity firms, including those who operate in primary and secondary markets, and those authorised to advise and arrange transactions and manage and operate private equity funds. We have extensive experience in determining whether activities are subject to financial regulation, assisting firms in obtaining authorisation from the relevant regulators in the markets in which they operate. The investment vehicles involved in this sector are often unregulated collective investment schemes. We can provide specialist advice on the complexities of promoting and marketing such schemes.

Real estate funds

Real estate investment management has always been a focus for us. Many of the best known firms in the property sector, nationally and globally, are our clients. But we don’t just support real estate managers and advisers, we also provide guidance to the RICS, advise trade bodies and work closely with other service providers like commercial lenders, mortgage providers, insurers, depositaries and administrators. As a result, we have a deep and broad understanding of the property industry. So we are perfectly placed to respond quickly and helpfully to changes in the regulatory landscape.

Retail funds

OEICs, UCITS, NURS, PAIFs, FAIFs… this growing sector is becoming rapidly more sophisticated. As a result, regulated funds have seen increased regulatory focus. We understand the challenges faced by fund management firms and their retail funds businesses through working closely with them. Our clients include fund managers, advisers and administrators across a range of regulated funds. Increasingly, we assist clients in having their overseas domiciled schemes recognised within the UK under section 264 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA).

Whatever type of fund you operate, we can help you with a range of compliance and business challenges including:

  • Customised licence application advice and support for new firms or companies entering new markets
  • Practical compliance procedures tailored to your business
  • Ongoing compliance support and consultation
  • Periodic reviews and reporting
  • Proprietary testing and tools to identify potential gaps
  • Staffing support by providing Bovill staff on secondment to your team
  • Staff training and assessments
  • Independent monitoring and support during onsite regulatory visits or inspections
  • Consultation on special projects or subjects such as product or service line reviews, cross-border expansion and preventing financial crime.

Region specific advice:

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