How comfortable are you that you’ve embedded GDPR adequately in your organisation? If you have any doubts, we’re here to help with your GDPR compliance. We can carry out a simple health check, help fix any issues or even offer a dry run of an ICO visit to make sure you’d pass the real thing.

Just months after the General Data Protection Regulation came into force, we’ve already seen a few well-publicised instances of companies being fined for non-compliance, and there are probably more to come. Chances are the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story is just the tip of the iceberg.

If cases like these make you feel uneasy, it’s worth pausing to ask yourself how things would go if the ICO turned up at your door tomorrow. Are you regulator-ready? Have you done what’s necessary to comply, and can you quickly produce the necessary evidence of compliance?

Even if you’re happy that you comply, you may have other anxieties. For example, if for some reason you suddenly receive a flood of subject access requests, as Facebook has, how well will you cope? Would your compliance or legal team be diverted from their day jobs to process those requests, and if so, what would be the impact on their day-to-day work?

If you’re not 100% confident about any aspect of GDPR, Bovill can provide a health check to identify any gaps that are stopping you from being regulator-ready. Essentially, we’ll kick the tyres and discuss any areas for improvement – so it’s like an MOT for your data privacy framework.

In particular, we can check how easily and effectively you can demonstrate compliance and accountability in any given scenario that would attract the regulator’s interest, and suggest additional safeguards that you might need to put in place. This may just be a matter of ensuring that your data privacy controls are consistently embedded into your firm, and of testing them to ensure they are robust and will stand up to scrutiny.

However confident you are, it’s likely that you have more work to do. GDPR compliance isn’t something that just happened on 25 May – most firms will have to go through further iterations to reach their desired level of compliance. We can help plan and prioritise the actions needed. These could include:

  • Transforming your firm’s data privacy culture: no longer can a firm call itself the owner of its customers’ personal data – the firm just looks after the data. This shift in mindset won’t happen overnight.
  • Implementing the oversight and controls required by your Data Protection Officer to ensure your firm’s compliance with the regulation.

How we can help with your GDPR compliance

Bovill is the ideal partner for carrying out your GDPR health check and planning follow-up actions. Apart from our general expertise in data protection, privacy and other regulatory compliance issues, we’ve helped numerous firms across the sector implement GDPR compliance projects and embed the new processes in their organisation, also providing awareness training to “make it real”. That means we know exactly how to find any chinks in your GDPR armour.

Contact us now today to find out more.

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