If you’re looking to be licensed by MAS for the first time - or if you need to change your license, add a Representative, or seek permission for a new controlling shareholder - we can help.

MAS licensing is getting more and more complicated.  Financial institutions must show that they have the systems and controls needed to manage their regulatory risk.  As well as completing the forms, applicants have to provide documentation, including a business plan and financial projections – and  MAS may ask to see your Compliance Manual, or parts of it.  The Regulator will have some follow-up questions for you, and is likely to want to meet with you in person.

We can manage the whole MAS licensing process for you and help you to put in place a fit-for-purpose compliance framework.  Or we can simply review what you have prepared before you submit.  We can also help you to deal with any Q&A from MAS.

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