As technological advances are made and firms invest more heavily in evolving technologies, the threats from organised groups of cyber criminals and opportunistic hackers can only increase. Recent government reports on the subject estimate that cyber crime cost the UK economy £27bn with the main impact being felt by UK businesses. Therefore it’s no surprise that cyber crime is recognised as one of the top risks facing firms. Undoubtedly technology forms a huge part of a firm’s cyber defence, but it is just as important that firms take a similar approach to cyber crime as it does to all other types of financial crime compliance.

How we can help

Simple things done well can go a long way towards ensuring firms have a robust framework in place to prevent and recover from potential cyber-attacks – whatever form they may take. For example, we can help you to identify and assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of your firm’s governance systems and controls as well as how the cyber-risks your firm faces interact with other financial crime risks your firm deals with.

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