financial sanctions

The ever changing landscape of financial sanctions regulations and the commitment to enforcement action from regulators has resulted in hefty fines for firms failing to comply. With the regulatory reach of law enforcement agencies on economic sanctions often stretching beyond national boundaries, staying on top of compliance requirements has never been more of an imperative.

Bovill regularly receives queries from firms seeking advice on how to comply with the multiple layers of national and international sanctions and the obligations placed upon firms, such as:

  • the freezing of assets
  • the screening and blocking of transactions, customers and connected parties
  • the implementation of multi-layered controls that restrict business with designated persons and block prohibited transactions.

Both HM Treasury and the FCA expect firms to be vigilant in assessing their financial sanctions exposure risk and implement adequate systems and controls to mitigate such risk.

How we can help with your financial sanctions

Our sanctions experts at Bovill can help firms manage their financial sanctions risk by assisting with the following:

  • Assess your firm’s sanctions risk exposure and create a framework/ model for managing sanctions risk
  • Identify the extent to which non-UK sanctions regimes are applicable to your business, especially the US sanctions regime
  • Build controls for your firm to screen customers, connected parties and their transactions against sanctions lists
  • Ensure that your asset freezing controls are in compliance with UK and international expectations
  • Deliver sanctions awareness training for your employees
  • Conduct regular testing of your sanctions compliance controls to provide assurance.

If you would like an independent assessment of the maturity of your sanctions control framework or more information on recent changes to the financial sanctions landscape, please get in touch.

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