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Technology is proving to be the lifeblood of our financial world. RegTech solutions harness the latest in technology to provide efficiencies on the increasingly burdensome demands of global financial regulation and compliance.

These solutions are here to stay and perhaps have never been more relevant. They’ve already proved themselves by helping to automate the more routine compliance tasks. But there is no one single platform that solves all compliance based needs.

Bovill works with a number of RegTech firms. Many of our clients are considering how digital solutions can help streamline some of their compliance challenges to reduce costs and generate new business insight.

We are focused on four areas that deliver our expert advisory services in harmony with the latest developments in technology:

  • A regulatory change scanning and management platform. A realtime regulatory horizon scanning solution of publications across global regulators, with auditable compliance workflows, such as regulatory change impact assessments. Find out more.
  • A compliance management solution designed to improve efficiencies and risk mitigation of clients’ integrity and reputation. Focused on employees, the platform supports conflicts of interest, personal trading, outside business activities, gifts and entertainment and market abuse.
  • A due diligence, KYC and AML solution, providing our clients with enhanced due diligence and the best insight into the potential risk of doing business with a person or company.
  • Cyber threat intelligence and risk. Providing clients with a package of solutions that highlight who is likely to attack you and how, and pinpoint where your immediate vulnerabilities lie. This allows clients to focus their spending on the immediate security measures required to stop cyber risk.

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