The financial crisis revealed that shareholders in many cases supported excessive short-term risk taking. Moreover, there is clear evidence that the current level of ‘monitoring’ of investee companies and engagement by institutional investors and asset managers is often inadequate and focuses too much on short-term returns, which may lead to sub-optimal corporate governance and performance. Given this, the current Shareholder Rights Directive is to be amended.  

Changes for asset managers

Institutional investors and asset managers are often important shareholders of listed companies and can therefore play an important role in the corporate governance of those companies, but also more generally with regard to their strategy and long-term performance. However, the experience of the last years has shown that institutional investors and asset managers often do not engage with companies in which they hold shares and evidence shows that capital markets often exert pressure on companies to perform in the short-term, which may jeopardise the long-term financial and non-financial performance of companies and may, among other negative consequences to the detriment of the long-term performance of both the companies and the investors.

Next steps

It is not expected that the deadline for member states to implement the Proposed Amending Directive will be before May 2019.

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