RegTech: Communications surveillance

Our managed service combines the best technology with highly experienced risk and compliance professionals to manage communications surveillance across your firm.

Regulatory expectations on the rise

The tools we use to communicate have radically changed, and many monitoring frameworks are no longer fit for purpose. Often they don’t work in real time and rely on random sampling methods. Multiple communications channels make identifying and investigating wrongdoing more complicated than ever before.

Regulators across the world, however, are expecting firms to keep up. Serious lapses in communication surveillance – whether internal or external – have resulted in serious fines.

Our approach to communications surveillance

We’ve partnered with Fingerprint, a global provider of automated communications surveillance technology that captures all communication across multiple services as it happens. And it’s all wrapped up in a user-friendly front end, highlighting patterns or instances that warrant further investigation.

We’ll work alongside you to develop your surveillance parameters in line with your size, scope and businesses activities. And we can handle the ongoing monitoring, investigation and escalation where appropriate.

How it all works

Connecting your communications
We’ll work with you to ensure all your communications channels across email, voice, video, instant messaging, collaboration suites and trading platforms are connected and configured, making sure that the right people have access to the data they need.

Setting up surveillance parameters
We’ll set up all the surveillance rules to identify suspicious activity, considering the latest regulatory intelligence, the activities your business undertakes and areas of high risk.

Ongoing monitoring
We’ll regularly review alerts on your behalf, investigating and highlighting areas that warrant further escalation.

Reporting and refining
You’ll be provided regular updates on the volume and outcome of alerts and investigations, alongside access to the platform at any time. We’ll continue to proactively review and refine your surveillance parameters in line with best practice and intelligence across the market, ensuring your approach continues to be effective.

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