US Newsletter | November 2021

US Newsletter

NEWSLETTER: Putting up Christmas decorations straight after Halloween isn’t always popular, but given where we were a year ago I’m thrilled we can spend Thanksgiving and the holidays with loved ones. Early or not, gift season is open and it’s always good to remind your staff about your Gifts & Entertainment policy!

We’re also celebrating a move to normality with a long-awaited trip from Bovill’s UK-based founder, Ben Blackett-Ord last week and the opportunity to meet old friends and clients face to face.

As we count down to December, we are seeing more movement from the regulators and expect to see new rules and regulations coming out next year. In this month’s newsletter, we cover new FINRA guidelines, CFTC whistleblowing, FATF crypto guidance and the SEC report on Meme Stocks.

Take care.

Joao Chagas
Bovill US

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