The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting firms hard. And financial services are no exception. But the need to meet regulatory requirements hasn’t gone away. In fact, the regulators will be paying close attention to how organisations react to the crisis, particularly when it comes to invoking BCP, managing liquidity crunches and ensuring suitability and timely dissemination of information to clients.

With the regulators making regular announcements of where there will be greater scrutiny, or indeed greater leniency, it’s vital to keep on top of developments and manage risk accordingly.

Compliance under Covid-19: how we can help

  • We can work with you to review your conduct and compliance processes in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Particular focus will be given to the risk framework, metrics and appetite, and staff training, and risk from remote working.
  • We can provide remote compliance support for firms that are in the midst of a recruitment freeze. Many of our staff have previous experience from both in house compliance roles and at the regulator.
  • We can help with planning for the potential impact your customers may face. This could include a review of your suitability processes, policies and procedures and approach to forbearance.
  • From a prudential perspective, we can work with you to understand your position, plan and liaise with the regulators. If you are close to breaching capital and or liquidity requirements, planning on drawing down on capital or liquidity buffers, considering wind down planning or addressing capital and liquidity requests from the regulator we can help.
  • We can help you to update your business continuity plan based on the learnings from Covid-19 to ensure a more robust approach to future events. And we can also help you build an operational resilience framework to give your business greater longevity and comply with future regulatory requirements.
  • For those of you in the asset management sector, we can help with updating or reviewing your liquidity risk management framework, but also practical advisory on fair treatment of investors and appropriate communication with the regulators.


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